Appointments can be made from within AutoConvert for customers to visit dealerships.


  • Book customer appointments

  • Confirmation of appointments via email and SMS.

  • Emails can be fully customised to keep consistent branding.

  • View if email and SMS messages have been delivered and in the case of email see if the email has been opened.

  • Automated appointment reminders via email and sms.

  • Single view of appointments by date.

  • Sales notes to help conversion.

What does this mean to me?

Many Dealer Groups are using central processing units (CPUs) to centrally manage enquires in a similar way to brokers. Enquiries to simply book an appointment at a dealership or a more in-depth enquiry to gain finance approval from a lender and then book an appointment can all be managed from within AutoConvert.

When an appointment is booked by the CPU, automated customer reminders can be set up to remind the customers and the dealership at set intervals before the appointment date/time. The CPU can also add pertinent notes to the appointment to help with the sale.

On top of the automated appointment confirmations and reminders, tasks can also be set for agents to call customers on the days leading up to the appointment or at a time the customer asked for a reminder.

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