Introducer Portal

AutoConvert allows you to easily create ‘white label’ introducer portals for your lead generators/affiliates/dealers. These portals show their enquiries and progress.


  • Introducer portal branded as your own live status platform.

  • Notes added by the broker are visible to introducers.

  • Introducers see live status of all their enquiries.

  • Search functionality.

What does this mean to me?

Allows you to setup unlimited introducer portals, all from within your AutoConvert account with no technical input or setup charges.

You also have options to upload your own logo to AutoConvert so introducers only see your branding.

Introducers will only see their own enquiries and the status of each. Your account will show all enquiries and with the use of reporting allows you to analyse in real-time the effectiveness by introducer over a given time.

As an introducer you can check for real-time updates by logging into your own introducer portal and viewing your enquiries or by searching for them.

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