The following is from a press release from Stoneacre Motor Group on their partnership with AutoConvert - April, 2019

Stoneacre case study

A Digital Evolution

Stoneacre’s approach to forming this partnership with AutoConvert arose as a response to the changing consumer requirements, with the car sale funnel starting more and more with a digital experience.

With Stoneacre, this consumer journey has been optimised through its website, with the motor group allowing potential customers to both apply for finance and get a free initial car valuation from its website.

36.6% up

"In Q1 we are 36.6% up on YOY digital sales, which is largely attributed to the automation, rules and credit search facility within the software" - Mark Zavagno, Head of Digital

Stoneacre showed a 36.6% increase in conversions

Through the AutoConvert software, the process from the lead first being generated is automated for a large part of the funnel. While a human touch is still required to complete the experience, the efficiency at which the software allows Stoneacre’s Digital Lead Coordinators to act at any point of the process has been vastly optimised.

Customers, meanwhile, can be kept up to date via text message or email throughout the process, with such communication automated through the AutoConvert system. This is even the case for those who may not have met the criteria for being accepted for finance, with procedures in place to help them get to point where they are able to go ahead with their application.

Comprehensive Reporting

If data is recorded, it can be reported on; that is the mantra of using the AutoConvert system. In a similar framework to Google Analytics, every report can be tailored instantly, giving extremely fast insights into customer data and the sales funnel itself.

Not only does this increase visibility on activity, but also optimises productivity in both processing applications and also the reporting aspect.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keeping Compliant in the Digital World

With increasing pressure on dealerships to be tight as a drum on all things F&I, Stoneacre has found the AutoConvert software to be increasingly useful in ensuring everything is tracked and all documents are digitally signed – no use for a pen here.

Resource has been saved greatly, meanwhile, through use of the platform when it comes to auditing, while the heavily reduced use of paper has enabled Stoneacre’s partnership with AutoConvert to have an environmental impact, too.

Comprehensive Reporting

Bringing Efficiency to the Dealership

Stoneacre’s co-ordinators at Head Office initially used the AutoConvert system, and when David Teatum, Stoneacre’s Head of F&I Operations, saw the benefits AutoConvert could deliver for the branches, began a 6 month planning and training programme to roll it out across the whole Group.

Business Managers, for example, can now take advantage of focusing wholly on the customer experience, as the software and its flow of information can be automated.

Bringing Efficiency to the Dealership

The system has been designed to match the F&I Process, streamlining the whole experience by applying various bespoke rules in the system which in turn deliver a quicker, easier and compliant buying experience for the customer

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