Action Scheduling

Activate single or multiple pre-set actions for instant or future events, triggered by the status of the enquiry.


  • Automated actions to nurture applications such as sending email/SMS, adding tasks for agents and sending finance applications to lenders.

  • Automatically keep customers up to date on progress or set tasks when certain conditions are met.

  • Set future call backs or send re-engagement messaging to maximise all enquiries into multiple conversions.

  • Never lose a customer.

  • Deal with customer enquiries using automation, 24/7.

What does this mean to me?

Allows you to create bespoke customer journeys with the majority of the customer contact automated allowing you to never lose an enquiry.

In its simplest form, you can use Action Scheduling to automatically send an email and sms message to customer enquiries 24/7, setting a task for an agent to call the customer in the morning.

Action Scheduling uses automated personalised emails and SMS messages, setup by you, to encourage customers to take action and move to the next stage of your sales pipeline. Customer actions will ultimately change the status of the enquiry and another set of appropriate actions will be triggered until conversion..

When a customer replies or performs any action, these automated actions are paused until an agent determines the next best logical status.

This feature can also help with staff onboarding and reduce training time. The majority of work and knowledge is setup for them by you and your compliance team.

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