AutoConvert helps you meet your regulatory requirements from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This includes tools and features which allow you to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Full audit trail

  • Single customer views

  • Privacy by design

  • Right to erasure features

  • Right to rectification

  • Consent management

  • Call recording and storage

What does this mean to me?

AutoConvert has the benefit of being new to the market and uses the very best privacy by design development techniques to keep your data secure – there isn’t any insecure legacy code which is one of the main causes for data breaches.

From treating the customer fairly, by ordering your lending panel in a compliant manner, to recording and being able to prove consent, AutoConvert has built-in core features to help with your compliance efforts.

Full audit trails of all actions carried out by agents or automated system triggered actions are recorded in a single customer view.

Many more features are being added to the core functionality of AutoConvert over the coming weeks and months to further help your compliance teams and to keep you safe under GDPR.

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