Contact Lists

A central repository for you to store all contact information and documents for third-party companies you work with.


  • Centrally store all documents, due diligence, invoices, contracts etc.

  • Call directly from within the contact lists.

  • Multiple document upload facility.

  • Call recording.

  • Full audit trail of all events and actions.


What does this mean to me?

This feature allows you to add information about the 3rd party companies you work with to your AutoConvert account. This giving your agents (with the appropriate access levels) quick access to the latest information should it be needed.

Contact information, FCA/ICO numbers, due diligence documents, dealer invoices and the like can all be added.

Calls can be triggered directly from the contact lists and these calls are recorded and shown in a single view activity audit trail by contact. All other actions like the uploading of documents will also be shown and are accessible from this audit trail by contact.

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