Credit Pre-Screening

All lenders are fully integrated into the AutoConvert user interface. The Credit Pre-Screening allows you to filter finance enquiries from being sent to your lender panel based on filtering criteria you set with credit bureau integrations available.


  • Increase approvals by only sending finance enquiries to lenders likely to accept.

  • Demonstrate a consistent approach to treating customers fairly by reducing the number of credit searches per customer.

  • Improve lenders efficiencies by increasing conversion levels.

  • Set multiple filters including credit bureau options.

  • No technical work required.

  • Empower your agents and reduce regulatory issues by visually showing which lenders criteria passes.

What does this mean to me?

The Credit Pre-Screening feature allows you to setup multiple filters for each of your lenders, effectively you’ll add each lenders criteria. If the finance enquiries don’t match what the lender is likely to accept, Auto Convert would stop the finance enquiry being sent to that lender.

Your agents can see in real-time what lenders are likely to accept and/or admin can set an order they’d like lenders to be tried. The latter can help with regulatory requirements as well as helping agents – the system would just find the right lender rather than agents having to know the intricacies of each lender.

This pre-screening vastly improves lender efficiencies and ultimately the lender's perception of your finance enquiries.

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