Email & SMS Templating

Allows administrators to create personalised email or SMS templates that agents can simply select and can also be triggered by the automated scheduling features of AutoConvert.


  • The personalisation of messaging to customers.

  • Unlimited templates.

  • Quickly get new staff up to speed.

  • Increase speed to process applications, reduce typing.

  • Reduced spelling and grammar errors.

  • Templates can be triggered by action schedules to nurture enquiries, make sure no enquiry is ever lost.

  • Compliance benefits.

What does this mean to me?

Agents no longer have to manually type messages to your customers. They can simply select from pre-built message templates or better still, use automated messaging to do this for them. All message templates can be set up using personalisation, meaning you can customise the messages to use the customer’s name, requested loan amount etc.

These templates cut down on the agents time to process the next stages of the application process and the automated messaging keeps the customer updated on progress, keeps the enquiry moving towards conversion and makes sure no enquiry is ever lost.

The centralised repository of messaging helps your compliance efforts, allows for a consistent brand message and gives you one place to updates all messaging.

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