Enquiry Assignment

The flexible enquiry assignment features allow admin users to manage how the enquires you receive are handled.


  • Set agent workload.

  • Manage productivity by agent.

  • Assign enquiries to agents by category e.g. homeowner, tenant etc.

  • Assign enquiries to agents by source e.g. Facebook, Website etc.

  • Automatically assign enquiries to available agents.

  • Multi assignment strategies to aid productivity.

What does this mean to me?

Everyone works differently and you know better than anyone what works for your team. From your team's workload, skill sets or source of enquiry, AutoConvert gives you all the options and flexibility to manage how and who deals with your enquiries. The aim of this feature is to allow your valuable enquiries to be placed with the right agent at the right time.

Manage productivity and set agent workloads by choosing the maximum number of new customers each agent can be assigned. This coupled with management information by user will help you determine your team's performance and highlight any further training requirements.

So multiple generic assignment strategies but you can also go down to very specific strategies like assigning based on the source of the enquiry, all Facebook enquiries are assigned to one team, all categories of application to another team, useful departmental enquiry assignment (sales, underwriting teams etc).

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