Enquiry Categorisation

Based on the content of the enquiries, this gives you the ability to create a subset of enquiries which can then be handled differently through scheduled messaging and user assignment.


  • View all enquires by defined category.

  • Only allow certain users to see and/or work in specific categories.

  • Unlimited custom categories.

  • Group categories using multiple filters.

  • Send tailored messages to different categories.

  • Use automated messaging and scheduling to the categories you define.

What does this mean to me?

Detailed personalisation helps conversion and this feature gives you unlimited scope to do just that. You can create as many subsets of the enquiries as you’d like, each subset can be set up using multiple filters.

As an example, you may want to create a subset of enquiries and automatically message and assign tasks 24/7 that have a low credit score, are under the age of 18 and don’t have a full driving licence. Likewise, you may deal with another subset completely differently, again using automation.

The actions you can take on the subsets of enquiries you setup include sending an email or SMS, adding a task for an agent to work, changing the status of an enquiry, send the enquiry to a lender and create a credit report.

Teams can be assigned to only work certain categories of enquiries, this again gives flexibility to how you’d prefer to work or currently work now.

Prioritise application by category and choose the best person/team to handle it e.g. More profitable applications can be set for higher priority.

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