Lender Integrations

Advanced lender integrations with real-time responses are already built into Auto Convert and ready for you to use.


  • Integrates with all your lenders without any technical work.

  • No more development to add a new lender to your panel, just enter your credentials or API key.

  • No retyping of finance applications into multiple lender platforms

  • Suppress applications being sent to lenders based on the lending criteria they give – including filtering on a soft credit search.

  • Receive real-time lender decisions.

  • Full audit trail of the financial decision-making process.

What does this mean to me?

Auto Convert handles all the current and future lender integrations without additional costs to you. We don’t take any commission or charge for sending your applications to lenders, we just do the tech!

These integrations coupled with filtering rules improve your lender efficiencies, lenders will only be sent applications that meet their lending criteria.

The removal of the laborious manual data entry to multiple lender platforms and the need to check these for status updates removes any chance of human transcription errors and improves staff productivity.

The productivity improvements allow you as a business to deal with more enquiries and make sure you are using your staff for important tasks rather than manual data entry.

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