Messaging Logs

AutoConvert keeps a separate log showing all inbound and outbound emails, SMS messages and calls.


  • Visibility of all messaging quickly from one centralised place.

  • System and manual messaging easily identifiable.

  • Shows live audit trail of all messaging in and out of the platform.

  • Helps with compliance checks and training.

  • Quickly see the messaging being sent rather than having to look customer by customer.

What does this mean to me?

This feature gives your management and compliance teams a great resource to quickly and easily see the sorts of messages being sent.

Most email and SMS messages sent using AutoConvert will be automated messages set up by scheduling and will be sending pre-written personalised templates but the messaging logs give you the ability to see the messaging going to lots of different customers quickly and easily rather than having to go into each individual customer.

It can help highlight messages that can be improved upon, agents not using the pre-built templates and identify where further templates are needed to keep productivity high.

There are separate email, SMS and call logs and you can navigate from each record directly to the relevant enquiry. In the case of call logs you can see and play all calls from the same log which is great for call mentoring and reviews.

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