Every action or event automatically triggered or created by an agent and any interaction inbound or outbound is recorded and as such, a vast array of reporting is possible.


  • Accurately and efficiently evaluate your company performance.

  • Real-time information to empower your business decisions.

  • Manage your call centre agents effectively.

  • Restrict reporting based on system access level.

  • Actively measure performance by marketing source.

  • If the report you require isn’t there, we’ll build it for you!

What does this mean to me?

Your imagination is the limitation to the reporting that’s possible with AutoConvert. All data and analysis can be performed using real-time information or you can look back at historical information to look into trends over time.

There are a number of pre-built reports aimed at showing key conversion performance indicators.

All reporting can be restricted so only agents with the correct access level have access.

The reporting suite is an ever ongoing development but if there’s a report you need and it’s not currently available we’ll add it for you.

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