Tasks are an import part of AutoConvert and is what drives the system and users of the system.


  • See a breakdown of tasks for new enquiries, missed calls, sms & email received as well as automatically scheduled tasks.

  • Admin users set priorities for the type of enquiries handled first.

  • Agents can view all tasks or just their own to-do list.

  • Automatically creates a call-back task for missed calls.

  • View all completed tasks for a specific customer.

  • View all upcoming tasks.

  • Automatically or manually add time based task.

What does this mean to me?

The main idea behind the way tasks work on AutoConvert is that users will work from the top of their task list to the bottom. When an agent completes a task they’d be directed back to their main task list view and see what the next task is – it maybe that this has changed since the last time they looked at this due to other actions or customer replies now taking priority.

The prioritisation of tasks, what agents get to see and work can all be customised by admin and any changes admin make are instant.

Many repetitive tasks and/or tasks that nurture enquiries can be automated so the tasks agents are assigned usually do require human intervention. Strategies built-in help manage agents workloads but because tasks are so core to AutoConvert we are constantly looking to enhance what can be handled automatically using the latest technology so more enquiries can be handled by agents.

Never worry about missing an enquiry every again, with the use of AutoConvert tasks you’ll maximise your revenue potential from all enquiries.

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