Two-Way SMS

AutoConvert has a built-in two-way SMS feature allowing automated and manual SMS messages to be sent and received from your customers.


  • Communicate with customers via SMS rather than phone calls.

  • Automated SMS responses to customer enquiries.

  • Create and use templated responses, saving time and giving you control over what’s sent.

  • Use SMS to nurture enquiries to drive inbound calls.

  • Communicate with your customers using a medium that works.

  • Live status of your SMS messages (delivered, opted out)

  • Full audit trial of inbound and outbound message stored.

  • With SMS you get instant customer attention.

What does this mean to me?

When any form of enquiry lands in your business, an automated SMS response, be that a request for more information or a simple thank you, shows you’re attentive and want to help. This helps take the customer out of the market and await your further instruction rather than continuing their research/search.

You and your team can communicate with your customers instantly when potentially they aren’t free for calls. The ability to receive SMS replies directly into AutoConvert allows you to effectively communicate with customers using this communication medium. Supplementing phone calls with SMS communication gives the customer more options to communicate back to you, speeding up the deal process.

With a full audit log being kept on the single customer view, other agents can easily see the progress of an enquiry.

When a customer replies notifications and tasks can be set so you can respond quickly and easily.

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