User Notifications

Gives you the ability to set notifications to be sent via email, SMS or a browser popup to occur when certain events happen.


  • Never miss a reminder to action a task.

  • Notifications can be sent via SMS, email or popup an alert on an agents (or multiple agents) browsers.

  • You decide what you’re notified about and who are notified.

  • Standard notifications you can set include, new enquiries, incoming SMS messages, uploaded documents, missed calls, call back requests, emails received and an automated scheduled task has been set.

  • Ability to notify individuals as well as multiple agents.

  • Advanced options to deal with agents when they are offline, not in the office or unavailable.

What does this mean to me?

AutoConvert is a task based CRM system which can notify agents about important tasks in a number of different ways when certain actions or events occur. There are many such events that trigger notifications but some standard ones include new enquiries, incoming messages (email/SMS), customer documents being uploaded, missed or incoming calls.

For a dealer working on the forecourt, being sent an SMS message informing of a new enquiry is invaluable. Yes, automated messaging could have been sent to this new customer informing them you’ll be in contact shortly but this notification would help make sure they are contacted in a timely manner, which is the absolute key to conversion. For others, notifications can be as simple as a prompt to work the tasks.

You can set as many notifications (or as few) as required and you set how you’d like to receive these notifications (email/SMS/browser popup).

Notifications are managed by user account giving flexibility to how you’d like to work.

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