VOIP Calling

Make and receive VOIP telephone calls directly from the AutoConvert platform. All calls are recorded and stored. A new Call Centre feature just released allows you to assign enquiries and incoming calls to specific agents/teams.


  • Full VOIP calling.

  • Call centre features.

  • Full call logs with all call information in a single customer view.

  • Compliance teams and managers can access all call recordings for quality auditing and staff training.

  • Agents can transfer calls between departments as well as call forwarding to a mobile or landline.

  • Customise your business welcome, call queue and voicemail messages in line with your company branding.

  • Choose a local, national or freephone number.

  • All missed calls are automatically populated into a task ensuring you never miss customer contact.

  • All call recordings are stored for six years.

  • Ability to integrate with your existing phone systems.

What does this mean to me?

With a fully integrated VOIP telephony system, you and your team can make and receive calls whilst viewing the customer details, making notes, adding/amending information and post to a lender(s). Your agents are empowered and have everything you need from within AutoConvert.

Should you ever need to access a recording for any reason, all calls are detailed in the single customer view audit trial from within AutoConvert. Just search for the customer and you’ll see all activity including calls. Click the play button next to a recording and the system will replay the conversation.

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